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Enhance Efficiency and Prolong the Durability of Your Heating System

Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties have seen increasingly severe and prolonged winters, often starting in October and extending into April. During these months, the reliance on your home's heating system is significant. It is crucial to not only enhance the energy efficiency of your heater but also to ensure its longevity. When seeking dependable heating services, choose Custom Aire.

Custom Aire’s Cooling, Heating

Heating Services

The cornerstone of maintaining an efficient heating system that lasts longer and ensures your family's safety is regular maintenance. At Custom Aire Heating & Cooling, we take pride in delivering comprehensive heating services across Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties. Our team of industry trained certified technicians HVAC technicians specializes in maintaining and repairing heat pumps, furnaces, and boilers, providing peace of mind that your home will remain cozy throughout the winter.

Join Custom Aire’s Heater Maintenance Program

Maximize the performance of your HVAC system by enrolling in the Custom Aire Peace of Mind Membership. This HVAC maintenance program is tailored to fit both your budget and the specific needs of your heating system. Members enjoy benefits such as reduced diagnostic fees, discounts on heater repair services, priority service without overtime charges, and an annual 19-point HVAC inspection.

Our Heating Solutions

Locating a dependable heating service in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties is straightforward with Custom Aire Heating & Cooling. We offer an array of services designed to keep your heating system operational when you need it most. This includes crucial annual maintenance to prevent unexpected furnace failures or costly replacements. Explore the range of heating services we provide:

Heater Tune-Up

Custom Aire's heater tune-up service ensures both the operational safety and energy efficiency of your heating system. Our industry trained certified technicians conduct preventive maintenance, helping you minimize unexpected issues and maximize your comfort during the colder months.

Heater Repair

Despite regular maintenance, heating systems may occasionally fail. Our trusted heating service is here to restore your system promptly if a breakdown occurs. We provide both standard and emergency heater repair services to quickly resolve any issues, ensuring your system functions efficiently.

Heater Replacement

While routine maintenance can significantly extend your heating system's lifespan, it will eventually need replacement. At Custom Aire, our skilled professionals can replace your heating system efficiently and effectively. Unsure if your system is beyond repair? Contact us at (215) 638-1800 for guidance.

Indoor Air Quality Enhancement

Indoor air quality is vital, especially during the winter months when families spend more time indoors. Our HVAC add-ons help eliminate dust and allergens from your home's air, contributing to a healthier living environment. With our indoor air quality services, you and your loved ones can enjoy cleaner, fresher air.

Types of Heaters We Service

Custom Aire Heating & Cooling boasts expertise in a wide range of heating systems. We service propane, oil, natural gas, and electric furnaces, along with heat pumps, ductless mini-split systems, radiant heating systems, and boilers. Whether you need routine maintenance, are preparing for winter, or are considering upgrading to a more energy-efficient system, our HVAC technicians are ready to assist.

Forced Air Furnaces Repair & Replacement

In Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties forced-air furnaces are a top choice for heating residential homes. These systems are highly efficient, using a heat exchanger to warm the air, which is then circulated through your home’s ductwork. Regular service ensures these systems operate at peak efficiency and safely vent combustion gases outside.

Heat Pumps Repair & Replacement

Heat pumps are versatile systems ideal for both heating and cooling your home. They work by transferring heat from the cold outdoor air into your home during winter and reversing the process in the summer. Heat pumps are environmentally friendly and eliminate the need for separate HVAC systems.

Boilers Repair & Replacement

Boilers are a traditional heating solution favored by many for their ability to provide radiant heat without drying out the air. Typically, boilers heat water using gas or another fuel type, then circulate the heated water through pipes to radiators throughout your home, creating a comfortable and humidified atmosphere.

Select Custom Aire’s Heating Services for a Cozy Winter

Looking for a reliable heating service to keep you warm this winter in Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties? Choose Custom Aire Heating & Cooling. Our skilled HVAC technicians are equipped to handle a wide array of heating systems. From routine maintenance and tune-ups to new system installations with robust warranties, we offer all the heating services you might need. Prepare for the cold months ahead by scheduling your next heating service with Custom Aire Heating & Cooling today at (215) 638-1800.

Why You Should Choose Custom Aire

Custom Aire is distinguished by over five decades of service in the region, backed by full licensing and insurance. We are an award-winning firm, celebrated for our extensive industry certifications and skilled, seasoned technicians. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evidenced by our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and numerous positive online testimonials.