What to Do if Your Pets Affect Your HVAC

It’s a safe bet that every pet owner out there can’t imagine their lives without their furry family members. Whether you have a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, or seem to have your own zoo, our pets are always there to greet us when we get home from a long day or give us a hug before hitting the road. What’s not always considered about pet ownership is the effects that their hair and dander can have on your HVAC system and indoor air quality. Here’s a closer look at how pets are affecting your home’s air and some helpful HVAC tips for pet owners.

Clogged Air Filters

With every move your pet makes, they are releasing pet dander into the air, which consists of dead skin particles, loose hair, and more. This is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your HVAC system’s air filters. Over time, air filters become clogged with whatever is floating around in your home’s air, and for pet owners, that means a lot of pet hair and dander.

What does this mean for your indoor air quality? As pet dander prevents the airflow from traveling through your filter, your air conditioner will continue to cycle without actually cooling the air. That leads to a noticeable uptick in your energy bills, as well as an uncomfortable temperature throughout your home.

The only true solution is to change your air filters as often as possible. It’s generally recommended that you should do so once per month, but it all depends on the quality of your air filters to begin with. For instance, cheaper filters will need to be swapped out more frequently than ones of a higher quality. Based on what we’ve seen, high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are the most ideal option when combating pet dander.

Effects on Air Ducts and Vents

Your air filters aren’t the only components of your HVAC system that can fall victim to pet dander. When air ducts and vents become clogged with these particles, it turns your HVAC unit into a hot spot for viruses and bacteria. That means you’re unknowingly breathing in dirtier air than you realize – even if there are no odors to accompany it.

This problem can be solved quite simply. Make it a point during your home cleaning routine to vacuum the dust, hair, and other particles that gather on your air vents. If that doesn’t help, your issue may be rooted in your AC duct, which is difficult to address on your own. Therefore, we recommend leaving the job to the professionals at Custom Aire, who will be happy to perform our duct cleaning service at your home.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Yes, you may be able to change out your air filter or clean your vents yourself. But the only way pet owners can ensure that dander hasn’t caused any detrimental issues to their HVAC system is with regular maintenance by an experienced professional.

For residents in the Bensalem, Pennsylvania vicinity and the surrounding areas, this means trusting your routine HVAC maintenance to Custom Aire. For over 50 years, our team of professional contractors has been helping pet owners address the common HVAC problems caused by their furry friends. For more HVAC tips for pet owners or further information, contact Custom Aire today.