Risks of Uninformed Water Heater Tinkering

Water heaters are meant to last and require little routine maintenance. However, even if you’ve never experienced issues with your water heater, the need for repairs can spring up out of thin air. While there are plenty of instructions online that claim to be effective in addressing water heater malfunctions, attempting to repair one yourself is dangerous and a task better left to the experts at Custom Aire. Here’s a look at the top risks associated with do-it-yourself water heater repairs.

You may “fix” the wrong component and cause more damage in the process.

Your water heater is a complex machine, and it requires an extensive knowledge of its interworking parts in order to be able to reverse any issues. More likely than not, those who try to repair their water heaters are speculating about what the problem is and how to fix it. And what’s more, special equipment and tools are often needed for water heater repairs, which only the professionals know how to operate. The last thing you want is further damage to your water heater or new damage to other components, like your gas line, so leave the repairs to Custom Aire.

There could be an explosion.

Issues with your water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve (TPR) are not safe to repair on your own. That’s because your water heater runs the risk of exploding should your hot water overheat. In some cases of water heaters exploding, it’s been reported that the force was so strong that it sent water through the roof. And if the water is hot enough to cause an explosion, it is definitely hot enough to severely burn your body. It all adds up to another reason why you should not attempt to repair your water heater yourself.

You could be exposed to harmful chemicals.

As some water heaters utilize toxic refrigerant to provide you with cool water, you run the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals should you try to repair your system. If inhaled or accidentally ingested, you may very well experience serious – even fatal – health problems. Plus, you would also need to know how to properly dispose of the chemicals to prevent environmental harm, and that entails more complicated steps than you would think.

Save yourself time and headaches (literally) by taking advantage of our maintenance and repair services provided by certified technicians who are EPA-certified to handle these types of materials.

There is a serious risk for electrocution.

A dangerous combination of water and electricity works together to power your water heater. Unless you know how to safely work in an environment containing both elements, as well as have the expertise to execute a proper repair, leave work on these high-voltage systems to the professionals. All it takes is the slip of a hand or touching something you’re not supposed to, and you’ll regret ever having attempted to repair your water heater. And if the risk for electrocution wasn’t a good enough reason to let us handle it, water in the wrong places can cause sparking, burning wires and more costly damage.

Call on Custom Aire.

The moment you suspect an issue with your water heater, prevent further damage and personal injury by calling on Custom Aire. Our NATE-certified technicians have the expertise to safely handle any of your water heater repairs. To learn more about this service and our heating, air conditioning and duct cleaning services for Bensalem, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas, contact Custom Aire today.