Most Sought-after Skills of Residential HVAC Contractors

When choosing the right residential HVAC contractors, there is a lot to consider. Aside from wanting a company that’s local and backed by decades of experience, the contractors you choose must be – above all – highly qualified. That means they will be well-versed and certified in several skill sets pertaining to the proper installation and maintenance of your HVAC system. Here are the qualities you should look for, all of which you can find within our team of experts at Custom Aire.

Appropriate Level of HVAC Knowledge

First and foremost, in order to join the Custom Aire team, our residential HVAC contractors must prove that they have completed a reputable training program and graduated with a thorough understanding of each of the systems and methods we deploy on a daily basis. These include:

All of our technicians are required to attain certification from North American Technician Excellence (NATE), which is considered to be the gold standard of our industry. This involves additional training in furnaces, heat pump systems, ductless systems, packaged units, and more.

Expert Understanding of Safety Standards

In addition to the skills mentioned above, all Custom Aire residential HVAC technicians must have an expert understanding of government regulations pertaining to recycling refrigerants, handling toxic chemicals and disposing of any fluids and gases. This also includes the ability to properly assess any safety hazards that may be present on the job site, as well as following safety procedures for working in potentially dangerous conditions.

Technologically Sound

Computer skills, knowledge of testing equipment and the ability to use all of the tools necessary to get the job done are essential skills for a residential HVAC technician. From software programs that are used to assist in the maintenance of heating and cooling systems to carbon monoxide detectors and other highly sophisticated instruments, our employees are familiar with a wide array of tools to detect problems and administer repairs.

Resourceful, Responsive and Focused on Customer Service

Whether our residential HVAC technicians are servicing a malfunctioning air conditioner or installing a new water heating system, navigating the nuances of any situation can be a struggle for those who are not able to think quickly. Our employees must be able to identify and solve problems efficiently and then keep the customer informed.

In any setting, proper communication skills are a must, but this is especially true when it comes to working in HVAC. It is essential that any of our residential HVAC technicians are able to thoroughly explain the exact services they are performing so our customers have an understanding of their issues. We place a high premium on our customer service and want our clients to feel completely comfortable throughout the entire process. It all adds up to why we have been trusted by the Bensalem, Pennsylvania area, and beyond for the past 50 years.

Trust Custom Aire

These are just a few of the qualifications and skills that a residential HVAC technician must have in order to be employed with our company. We are proud to hold our employees to a higher standard, as it allows us to continue to serve our clients in a manner that exceeds their highest expectations. For more information about our residential services, contact Custom Aire today.