Air Duct Components Cleaning in Southeastern PA

Looking into Air Duct – Custom AireIt’s easy to overlook air duct components hidden behind walls and beneath the floors of your home, but neglecting your HVAC system can lead to operational inefficiencies and, in some cases, a steep decline in indoor air quality. If you’re located near Bensalem, Pennsylvania, enlist the professional air duct cleaning services of Custom Aire today.

The Custom Aire Air Duct Components Cleaning Process

Our air duct components cleaning process begins with a thorough examination of your home’s ductwork and HVAC equipment through the use of cameras and mirrors. Once we’ve identified problem areas, we’ll create a cleaning plan that’s tailored to your home before blocking off your registers and getting to work.

Custom Aire employs an advanced rotary brush system to ensure that your important HVAC components, including the blower motor, heat exchanger and more, are free not only from loose debris, but also from contaminants that may be stuck to the interior surfaces of your equipment. After we’re finished with the brush, we remove the remaining loose particles with a powerful vacuum.

Why Should You Schedule Air Duct Component Cleaning Services?

Without the appropriate maintenance, your HVAC equipment components can accumulate a wide variety of contaminants that will soon find their way through your air ducts and into the rooms of your home. That’s why regular component cleaning is an essential addition to any homeowner’s to-do list. Advantages of our cleaning services include:

  • Restores air quality: By removing dust, dirt, pet hair and other items that may have become trapped within your HVAC system, Custom Aire’s cleaning services will enhance the air quality within your home.
  • Reduces energy costs: HVAC parts that are caked with pollutants don’t perform as well as clean components. This requires more work on the part of your HVAC system, leading to increased energy bills.
  • Prolongs equipment life: Cleaner equipment performs more efficiently, and this decrease in required work helps your HVAC system provide peak performance for longer than it would without regularly scheduled air duct cleanings.

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Located in Bensalem, Custom Aire has provided expert HVAC services to communities throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Philadelphia, Levittown and Doylestown, for almost 50 years. Schedule your appointment online, or call us at 215-638-1800 to learn more about our services