UV Germicidal Lamps in Southeast Pennsylvania

Throughout the past five decades, Custom Aire has seen the HVAC industry make major strides, introducing a host of innovative features designed to improve air quality and create a more comfortable indoor environment. But despite these many advancements, certain HVAC appliances – including air conditioners and air purifiers – are still conducive to mold growth without the appropriate maintenance. Fortunately, there are several ways to help keep the presence of mold to a minimum. One method is the UV germicidal lamp.

The Science Behind UV Germicidal Lamps

Three types of ultraviolet light are currently known to exist: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. While UV-C light is not ordinarily a threat thanks to Earth’s natural atmospheric defense mechanisms, it’s considerably more powerful than UV-A and UV-B light. This additional power makes UV-C light an ideal choice for killing harmful microbes.

Ultraviolet Lamp

Because UV-C light from the sun is incapable of reaching the Earth, it must be created artificially. This is where UV germicidal lamps come into play.

How Do UV Germicidal Lamps Help Keep HVAC Equipment Clean?

When it comes to the world of HVAC, UV germicidal lamps either come preinstalled or are added post-installation by an HVAC professional. These lamps typically come in a stick shape, and they’re incorporated into the same electrical system that powers the HVAC unit.

Once installed, the UV-C light projected by the lamp shines on your HVAC equipment’s coils and other mold-conducive components. This creates an environment that stymies the growth of biological contaminants, and therefore helps improve your home’s overall indoor air quality.

Do UV Germicidal Lamps Require Maintenance?

As is the case with most HVAC equipment, UV germicidal lamps require regular maintenance for peak performance. Yearly bulb replacements are highly recommended. To ensure your UV germicidal lamps receive the necessary service, consider a Custom Aire HVAC maintenance agreement.

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