In Southeastern Pennsylvania, winter is no joke. Temperatures often plummet well below freezing, requiring the typical household to rely heavily upon their heating system until spring offers a welcome respite from the cold. But from time to time, your heating system may not deliver on all fronts, leaving certain rooms much colder than others. If this sounds like a familiar situation, read on to discover why some parts of your home may not be receiving the heat they should.

  1. Closed or covered air vents.

Though it seems obvious, it’s important to begin by checking your vents. Make sure they’re fully opened to allow maximum airflow, and look into the vent to ensure that there are no immediately visible obstructions.

  1. A dirty coil.

The coil inside your furnace plays a fundamental role in the flow of air throughout your home. Over time, this coil may collect dust and other debris, which can in turn prevent heated air from traveling as smoothly as it should. If you’re unable to identify external causes of inconsistent household heating, it’s best to contact heating repair specialists, who can provide a thorough evaluation to determine if your furnace coil is actually the source of the trouble.

  1. Leaking ducts.

Because your home’s ductwork is hidden from sight, it might be easy to forget, but leaky ducts are a common source of heating troubles that keep rooms cold and energy bills high. This is another situation in which it’s likely best to employ expert heating repair services to ensure that your ducts are sealed thoroughly.

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