Here at Custom Aire, we’re proud to provide residents of the Bensalem, Pennsylvania area 24/7 HVAC emergency repair services. But while many HVAC troubles are serious, not everything qualifies as an emergency. Keep reading, and we’ll help you determine when it’s time to call for emergency HVAC services.

Start by Considering Weather Conditions

When temperatures are moderate – meaning that you can remain comfortable enough indoors, even when your HVAC system isn’t running – there’s a good chance that the vast majority of problems you’ll have to deal with can wait until business hours. But if you’re dealing with an HVAC issue in the dead of winter or during a string of 95-degree summer days, the urgency of the situation increases significantly, because the weather can pose serious health risks.

Then, Consider the Issue

Naturally, the severity of the HVAC issue you’re dealing with also plays a key role in determining whether you should contact your local heating and cooling specialists for HVAC emergency repair services. The most common HVAC problems, like leaky pipes and dirty air filters, shouldn’t cause any serious issues if you wait a day or two to make the repairs. Other issues, however, may be signs of more serious concerns. Signs that may necessitate emergency HVAC service include:

  • Excessive sound: Malfunctioning HVAC systems may make a number of sounds. Loud, screeching sounds could be caused by a loose belt, though they could also be the result of high, dangerous pressure levels. If you hear these kinds of sounds whenever your system kicks on, an emergency call is a smart choice. Likewise, popping and buzzing sounds may indicate electrical troubles, which pose an equally serious threat. In this case, don’t hesitate – make the call ASAP.
  • Burning smell: A burning smell is seldom a good sign, and when it comes to your HVAC system, it may indicate a serious electrical error. If you can trace a burning smell back to your HVAC system, cut off power to the system as soon as possible. Once you’ve safely done so, contact your local HVAC emergency repair specialists.
  • Nonexistent airflow: A total absence of airflow likely means that your HVAC system requires serious repairs. As we mentioned earlier, this is an issue that can often wait for business hours when temperatures are comfortable. But if this takes place in the middle of Bensalem’s frigid winter, seek emergency help.

24/7 HVAC Emergency Repair in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

The best way to determine if emergency repairs are necessary? Call a trusted professional who can answer your questions and determine which level of service is right for your problems. For quality HVAC repair in urgent situations, turn to Custom Aire, the Philadelphia, PA area’s heating and cooling experts. Contact us at 215-638-1800 to discuss your emergency repair demands.