Winter is definitely here. Stay comfortable when the cold winds blow with these tips for weatherizing your home.

Check for Drafts Underneath Doors

If you seem to keep turning up your thermostat, you may have a drafty house. Take the time to check for drafts under your doors. If you feel cool air from the space at the bottom of a door, it can indicate a draft. Prevent heat from slipping through by placing a towel under your door, or visit your local home improvement store for other solutions.

Arrange for Annual Maintenance

Avoid an emergency heating repair call by arranging to have annual maintenance completed on your heating system. Contact a professional heating company to ensure your heating system receives the proper maintenance.

Use Weatherstripping to Fill Spaces

The same way warm air escapes through drafts under your doors, it can escape through small spaces in doorframes, windows, or where utilities enter and exit your home’s foundation. Use weatherstripping to fill these tiny spaces, and heat will stay inside your home where it belongs.

Inspect Your Insulation

Without adequate insulation, heat from your home can escape out into the Pennsylvania winter. Inspect the insulation in your attic and — if possible — check your walls to make sure your insulation is thick enough to trap warm air inside your house during winter months.

Invest in a Modern Heating System

A reliable heating system is important, and you may want to upgrade to a newer, more efficient model. This is a big decision, so consult an experienced heating services company before committing to a new purchase or upgrading your current unit.

To stay comfortable all winter long, weatherize your home before winter arrives. Custom Aire provides comprehensive maintenance agreements that will prepare your heating system to keep you warm even during the coldest winter days. Visit our website or call (215) 638-1800.