Are visitors and employees often too cold or too hot? Have you noticed higher utility bills month after month? If so, your commercial HVAC system likely isn’t running efficiently. From conserving resources to saving money, it’s important that your heating and cooling equipment performs as efficiently as possible. If you’re concerned about the efficiency of your system, the commercial heating and cooling pros at Custom Aire offer a few simple ways to determine where inefficiencies lie and how to correct them.

Determine Where Heat or Cooled Air is Lost

Sometimes you can tell where heat and cooled air are lost simply by standing near a drafty door or window. However, more subtle differences are harder to detect. A commercial heating and cooling technician can use a thermal imaging camera to determine where cold and warm spots lie and where your HVAC system is working harder than necessary. Adding insulation and replacing faulty doors and/or windows can enable more efficient performance.

Replace Filters Regularly

When HVAC filters become clogged, it’s more difficult for heated or cooled air to pass through. This in turn puts a greater demand on your HVAC system, resulting in higher costs for reduced performance. Make sure that all filters are cleaned or replaced as needed, and consider scheduling regular service to provide filter changes and other maintenance on a consistent basis.

Ensure that Ducts and Dampers Work Properly

For systems that rely on ductwork, ducts carry cooled and heated air throughout your facility. If debris accumulates in ductwork, clogs can occur that block the flow of air and impede heating and cooling. Similarly, cracks or breaks in ductwork allow conditioned air to escape before reaching its intended destination. Controlling the direction of air within the ductwork, dampers should also be inspected when inefficiencies occur. A malfunctioning or improperly adjusted damper can result in some areas being over-cooled or -heated while other rooms receive too little heating and cooling, making your HVAC system work overtime.

To Ensure HVAC Efficiency, Schedule Routine Maintenance with Custom Aire

When business owners in Bucks, Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties have questions about the efficiency of their commercial HVAC system, they turn to Custom Aire. With 50 years of experience in residential and commercial heating and cooling, our certified technicians can perform routine maintenance and necessary repairs to achieve commercial HVAC energy savings and improved performance. Contact us online or call 215-639-1800 to learn more.