As a Cherry Hill, Pennsylvania, homeowner, you know that having separate heating and cooling systems doesn’t always make financial sense. Learn how a Hybrid Heat system can keep your home comfortably cool or cozily warm without breaking the bank.

Efficient Cooling

Contrary to what its name implies, a Hybrid Heat system does more than heat your home. The primary component in this type of system is a heat pump, which turns into a cooling system during the summer months. Heat pumps tend to be some of the most efficient cooling systems on the market, especially when compared to air conditioners. Models like the Comfort 14 Packaged Hybrid Heat System have a 14 seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), which means it will keep your home cool while still running efficiently.

Smart Heating Options

During the cooler months, the heat pump that once cooled your home reverses to become an efficient heating system. Models like the Performance 15 Hybrid Heat System boast an impressive 8.5 heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF), which measures the ratio of heat output to energy input.

A Hybrid Heat system’s abilities don’t stop there, though. One of the system’s best features is that it also includes a furnace component. That means when the outdoor temperature drops during the winter months, the furnace kicks in to keep your home warm all season long. Since heat pumps lose efficiency in very cold weather, a furnace helps you keep comfort levels high and utility costs low.

Year-round Comfort

A Hybrid Heat system is a true year-round heating and cooling system. In addition to this system’s ability to moderate temperatures, most are also equipped to keep humidity levels comfortable in the summer. If your home needs a humidifier, air purifier, or a ventilator to control indoor air quality, most Hybrid Heat systems work with these components seamlessly for comfort in every season.

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