Your commercial heating system should deliver years of reliable performance. There’s no industry consensus on how long HVAC units will last, because many conditions factor into that answer. These include the equipment you purchase, what kind of maintenance it receives, the conditions it’s used in and more. In most cases, however, if your commercial heating system is working without issue, there’s no reason to replace it. But when the problems below arise, you may need to call Custom Aire to discuss commercial heating replacement options.

#1: Mounting Repair Costs

While regular maintenance is a must-have for lasting HVAC performance, repairs should not be a regular occurrence. If repair costs seem close to the expense of a new heating unit, your best bet is replacement over continued service calls. Older units may simply become outdated over time as well, making it harder to get parts and keep equipment in working order.

#2: Poor Performance

The production floor is extremely hot, but the offices are ice cold – and next week it may be just the opposite. Inconsistent heating can be an easy fix with added insulation or damper adjustment, but when maintenance and repeated service don’t resolve the issue, it’s a good sign that your heating system should be replaced.

#3: Rising Energy Bills

There are a number of ways to make a functional heating system more efficient, from monitoring the thermostat to replacing filters. But when none of the usual tips seem to help, the problem could lie in outdated equipment. An investment in an up-to-date heating system with modern energy efficiency features can lower operational costs and save you on service in the long run.

#4: Heating Safety Issues

It’s your responsibility to maintain a safe environment for workers and visitors alike. If your HVAC tech identifies heating system safety issues, such as a cracked heat exchanger or certain electrical issues, you should upgrade to safer equipment immediately. This also holds true if you’re experiencing indoor air quality issues – some unusual smells could have serious consequences for the health of your team and your customers alike.

Commercial Heating Replacement in Bensalem, PA

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