A common debate in the HVAC industry is whether or not your air conditioner should be covered throughout the winter. And as is the case with many long-lasting dialogues, both sides present compelling points concerning why you should follow their lead. Keep reading to explore both sides of the argument.

Why Cover Your AC Unit?

Those who choose to cover their air-conditioning units throughout the winter believe that doing so offers a number of benefits, from keeping your unit’s coils clean to serving as a barrier from moisture. And some of these benefits really do hold true – a cover can certainly come in handy by protecting your AC unit from larger debris, such as branches.

Why Leave Your AC Unit Uncovered?

An AC cover might seem like an excellent protective measure, but the fact of the matter is that it could cause more harm than good. For one, a cover simply won’t protect your air-conditioning unit from moisture, which builds up naturally due to humidity and can trigger the growth of mold. Additionally, totally covering your AC unit makes it a prime location for rodents to take shelter from the elements, as it offers a barrier from snow and cold. This means mice and other small creatures can explore the appealingly small spaces of the unit itself.

Last, but not least, since AC manufacturers understand that their units are located outdoors, air conditioners are built with durability in mind. Usually, that includes rugged materials designed to stand up to the rigors of nearly any weather condition – Pennsylvania winters included.

The Verdict

Ultimately, evidence suggests that covering your AC unit is generally unnecessary. If your Bucks County or Montgomery County home or business is dealing with AC troubles stemming from a covered unit, contact the expert technicians at Custom Aire and enlist our professional air-conditioning services. Get in touch by phone at (215) 638-1800, or contact us online today to schedule your appointment.