With temperatures rising in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, homeowners are starting to think about prepping their air conditioners for the warmer weather ahead. Thankfully, preparing your air-conditioner unit to handle summer weather is easy if you know where to start.

Schedule Your Annual Maintenance

Harsh winters can do a number on your AC’s outdoor condenser unit. In fact, several issues can crop up after you turn your air conditioner off for the winter. This is why spring is a great time to have an HVAC professional inspect your AC. A thorough inspection can identify issues, replace any damaged parts, and remove debris that could threaten your unit.

Replace the Filters

You should already be changing your HVAC filters every one to three months, but doing so just before switching the AC on is a smart idea. Clean filters allow the air conditioner to work as intended, circulating the airflow throughout the home without any dust or allergens. Since dirty filters can cause ACs to work overtime, you want to keep an eye on them all summer long.

Check All Registers and Vents

Furniture and rugs can obstruct airflow if they’re blocking your home’s vents and registers. A quick tour around the home to identify any problem areas can eliminate this issue, ensuring your air will properly circulate when you switch the AC on.

Clear the Outdoor Unit

If you haven’t had your yearly maintenance recently, you’ll want to check for any debris around the outdoor condenser unit before turning on the AC. This is a simple DIY job that only requires you to clear any brush, branches, leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from the condenser. Once you’ve turned the unit on, stand outside and listen to the unit to make sure it isn’t making any strange sounds. If it is, contact your HVAC technician right away.

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