Improving indoor air quality will help increase your family’s comfort in every season of the year. One simple, natural air purification method that can make your indoor air more breathable while beautifying your living space is placing houseplants in strategic locations throughout your home. Plants offer an attractive addition to whatever form of mechanical air purification equipment you use. The number and size of the greenery or flowering plants you select are essentially up to you, though you’ll find that a variety of options are available

Hanging Plants

Hanging plants that work well for purifying indoor air include golden pothos, spider plant, English ivy, and Boston fern. Any combination of these plants can be hung in various parts of the room to lower carbon dioxide levels and increase the breathable oxygen in your home. They also help lower indoor pollutant levels, helping you minimize the unpleasant symptoms these contaminants create.

Tabletop Plants

Tabletop plants that help improve indoor air quality while enhancing your décor include flowering plants such as the Gerber daisy, chrysanthemum, azalea, or peace lily, and greenery such as Aloe Vera, snake plant, and the more compact varieties of Dracaena.

Floor Plants

Larger plants that can be grown in pots that are placed at floor level, add character to your rooms while helping rid the air of harmful chemicals. Plants such as those in the Dracaena family — which include red-edged, striped, “corn plant,” “Rikki,” Malaysian, and “Janet Craig” varieties — can help remove formaldehyde from the air inside your home. Ficus, bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, rubber tree, and philodendron also work well for filtering out formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. Avoid the last if you have children or pets as the philodendron is poisonous when eaten.

Your gardening center can help you select the best variety of air purifying plants mentioned above. To learn more about the other ways we can help you improve the indoor air quality of your home, visit our IAQ services page or call (215) 638-1800.