Your kitchen is subject to plenty of natural heat from your cooking and baking activities. While this is a convenient side effect of holiday baking in the winter, it becomes an uncomfortable problem during the warm Hatboro, Pennsylvania, summers. Keep kitchen heat under control and prevent it from warming up the whole house with these simple solutions.

Install a Heat Pump

A heat pump offers efficient whole-home cooling with the option to split your system into separate zones. Installing a heat pump with targeted zones for the kitchen and dining areas can help you focus cooling where you need it most during the warm summer months.

Use Cool Cooking Methods

Be mindful of your cooking habits, and opt for those that generate less heat. Cook in the smallest pot with the smallest burner that can do the job. Use a toaster oven or microwave instead of the oven. If you have a grill, this is the best option of all. Take your cooking outside in the summer where it won’t heat the home at all.

Turn on the Fan

A ceiling fan in the kitchen or dining area can offer a welcome breath of cool air. Fans create a cooling wind chill effect on the skin. Keep in mind that they don’t lower the temperature; they only change your perception of it. Turn fans off when you leave the room so you’re not wasting electricity.

Prepare Cold Meals

If you want to avoid the hot kitchen conundrum altogether, simply focus on cold meals during the summer months. Opt for a chilled pasta salad, fresh fruit, or a colorful salad of veggies and crisp greens. Sandwiches, wraps, cold soups, and chips with salsa are all versatile cool choices as well. Finish with a cold pudding pie.

For more information on keeping your home cool and energy efficient this summer, contact Custom Aire at (215) 638-1800. We can help you install the perfect equipment for a cool yet affordable home.