Restaurants and Bars succeed when they create a comfortable atmosphere for their customers- a place where people want to hang out and get together with friends. For a great establishment like Isaac Newton’s in Newtown, PA the windows in this barn-structure create a great atmosphere, but they also tend to absorb a lot of heat, especially on 90 degree plus days. This extra heat can make customers hot under the collar, cutting a casual and fun evening in the summer short. As a result, Isaac Newton’s knew they needed to do something to increase the comfort in the bar area, especially during hot days, to compensate for the heat added by the windows, without increasing the noise level that really affects customer satisfaction.

When they gave us a call at Comfort Aire, we were confident we could design the perfect solution for them. Isaac Newton’s needed to provide their patrons with perfect comfort- year-round. The windows created a great atmosphere, but they also made the bar area uncomfortable on the hottest days of the year, and a little chilly as well in the middle of the Winter.

Problem: The bar area of a restaurant in a barn-structure was getting too hot on 90+ degree days, causing customer discomfort and affecting business. Likewise, in the dead of winter, the bar area could get chilly, so the owners needed a solution that would provide extra comfort to the area year- round.

Solution: By adding a Mitsubishi Ductless Hyper Heat system and indoor cassette into the bar area, the owners will be able to adjust the temperature at a touch of a button to add air conditioning or heat as needed to keep everyone comfortable and enjoying their meals and drinks. Best of all, the system is very quiet, making sure this added comfort doesn’t add any additional noise that might affect the dining experience.

Getting Comfortable Means More Customers

The best way to achieve their goals was to invest in a Mitsubishi ductless system. Ductless systems, also known as mini-splits, are perfect for creating zones of customizable comfort in areas, especially where the standard heating and cooling systems can get overwhelmed. That’s why you will often see them being used for additional comfort on sun porches, indoor-outdoor patios, and bonus rooms both in homes and in commercial establishments.

For Isaac Newton’s, we knew they needed to provide their patrons with perfect comfort year-round, but it also had to be quiet. One of the best features of Mitsubishi’s ductless systems is that they are whisper-quiet at only 19 db, meaning that there will be no need to turn up the TV or music, or shout to be heard above the air conditioning- things that can really detract from a great night out.

The ductless cassette we installed was able to be put up on the wall of the bar, out of the way. The unit monitors temperature and humidity constantly and is adjustable by a remote control. The owners can set the unit and it will turn on and off as needed in order to maintain perfect comfort throughout the bar area, every day of the year. This is especially helpful during busy times when a room can get hot just because more people are there- the automatic adjustment will ensure consistent comfort, and that’s what you need when your business depends on customers feeling at home.

Isaac Newton gets comfortable with ductlessIn addition, Mitsubishi’s ductless units are some of the most energy-efficient units available, meaning that adding comfort won’t take a bite out of the bottom line. In the restaurant business, margins are often tight, so it’s critical that if you add something like additional air conditioning, it doesn’t require you to increase prices to compensate for additional energy expenses. An energy-efficient solution like Mitsubishi’s ductless systems will allow Isaac Newton’s to attract more customers due to its quiet comfort and great atmosphere. It will help increase business without swallowing up increased business profits in energy bills.

With the addition of ductless, Isaac Newton’s will be able to turn on the ductless unit to provide a touch of heat on chilly fall days when the bar area might start to get cold, but the heating system for the whole building isn’t needed. And on unexpectedly hot days, a little air conditioning will be just the ticket in this room, without affecting the temperature in the rest of the restaurant. This separate zone of heating and cooling will make the bar area more comfortable- and more profitable as a result- something any business owner can appreciate!