Modern HVAC systems use innovative technology and high-tech features to keep homes and commercial properties as comfortable as can be. But even with all of the progress that’s been made in the realm of HVAC, contaminants still pose a threat to the health of your system and the occupants of the building. This makes it important to keep an eye out for key signs of pollutants. We’ll outline a few signs of the most common to help explain why HVAC services, like those provided by Custom Aire, are so essential.

Common Household Contaminants

First, bear in mind that this list doesn’t encompass every pollutant you may come across. The contaminants present in your home often vary based on your geographical location, the cleaning products you use, the construction of your house and more.

In the meantime, here are a few common contaminants to look out for:

  • Mold: Household molds are usually easy to identify, because they’re often visible in places like your attic or basement. Unfortunately, they may also be hidden inside your HVAC system’s ductwork. Consider seeking a professional inspection, especially if you notice mold allergy symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing and a runny nose.
  • Pet dander: Pet dander refers to the small flakes of skin that animals naturally shed. This dander can find its way into your HVAC system, where it’s then circulated through your home’s air – potentially triggering allergies similar to those caused by mold.
  • Pollen: Pollen is known as an outdoor pollutant, but because it travels so easily through the air, it can easily find its way indoors through a window or on clothes you wore outside. Symptoms are generally similar to those caused by the above pollutants, including sneezing, congestion and watery eyes.

The Importance of Professional HVAC Services

Identifying the presence of these pollutants in your HVAC system can be difficult, but professional HVAC technicians should be able to provide a thorough inspection to help identify the source of your troubles. Plus, if the inspection reveals contaminants, certified HVAC professionals should have no trouble cleaning your ducts and other components thoroughly to help your home or commercial property regain its comfortable, irritant-free environment. Another key benefit offered by most HVAC service providers is access to a selection of high-quality air purifiers, which trap or kill contaminants in order to improve your home’s indoor air quality.

HVAC Services and Maintenance Agreements

Custom Aire has served as the Bensalem area’s premier provider of HVAC services since 1969. Keep your home’s air quality high by signing up for a maintenance agreement today.