An oversized furnace in your Hatboro, Pennsylvania, home isn’t doing your utility bill — or the environment — any favors. An inefficient, overly large furnace wastes both energy and money. Discover why short-cycling and uncomfortable room temperature fluctuations could signal that your furnace is too oversized for your home.

Your Furnace Frequently Turns On and Off

Does your furnace turn on, reach a certain temperature, and then turn off again? If so, this short-cycling can indicate your home furnace isn’t operating efficiently. If your furnace is spending most of its time starting and warming up, then it’s actually running at its lowest level of operating efficiency.

On a cold day, a properly sized furnace should run smoothly for most of the day, allowing the unit to heat your home efficiently. An efficiently operating furnace saves both energy use and costs on your home’s utility bill.

Uncomfortable Room Temperature Fluctuations

With an oversized furnace, your home will have trouble maintaining a consistent temperature. A furnace needs time to distribute the heat around your home, and when your furnace has to stop and start, the uneven cycling can make some rooms too hot and others barely warm.

The constant short-cycling of an oversized furnace not only impacts a furnace’s efficiency, but also weakens the furnace itself. The lifespan of a heating system can be significantly shortened by the added strain of repeated starting during short-cycling.

Calculate the Best Size Furnace for Your Home

Before recommending a new system, your HVAC specialist will calculate the best size furnace needed for your home. The Air Conditioning Contractors Association of America, ACCA, sets the U.S. standard for HVAC sizing. At Custom Aire, our service professionals decide upon a furnace size based upon the applicable ACCA Manual J and Manual S calculations.

For a professional furnace and air conditioning contractor you can depend on in Hatboro, contact Custom Aire at (215) 638-1800. With more than 45 years of experience, our team is dedicated to serving our community’s heating needs.