When a commercial air conditioning system isn’t working efficiently, it can create problems for your employees and clients during the hottest days of the summer. It’s important that routine maintenance is done regularly so your air conditioning is ready when it’s most necessary to workplace comfort and safety. Not sure where to start? Learn more with this overview from the commercial HVAC pros at Custom Aire.

What You Can Do Yourself

If your air conditioner is easily accessible, you can perform some simple maintenance yourself. For example, seasonal debris, such as cottonwood or leaves, may collect around the unit. To remove it, first shut off the HVAC system’s power supply. Once the power is off, you can wash away debris with any standard hose. Likewise, all you’ll need to remove any detritus that’s collected inside is a screwdriver. Remove the fan cage at the top of the unit and pull out any debris within. However, keep in mind that if the system is located in a spot that is difficult to access, like a rooftop, you should take extra caution or call a professional HVAC service provider for assistance.

When to Call a Certified HVAC Technician

While you can handle simple cleaning on your own, commercial air conditioning maintenance can be a complex task and is best left to certified HVAC technicians during regularly scheduled visits. By scheduling routine maintenance, you’ll enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that all the system’s components are working properly and that any necessary repairs can be identified and completed.

As part of a routine maintenance call, your HVAC technician will complete the following:

  • Check and clean the internal components to ensure that they’re working properly
  • Clean or replace filters
  • Check correct refrigerant levels
  • Ensure thermostat communication with the system
  • Confirm that the ductwork is working properly so no air is lost
  • Inspect the HVAC system for any potential issues that require repairs

Schedule Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Today

Regular HVAC maintenance does more than identify necessary repairs. It helps ensure your system is running at peak efficiency to deliver optimal cooling performance and save you money on utility bills. Have you been putting off maintenance? If so, contact Custom Aire to schedule commercial air conditioning maintenance with one of their customer-focused, NATE Certified techs today.