In the heat of the Southern Pennsylvania summer, your air conditioner can transform your home from humid and stuffy to a cool oasis that provides a safe haven from the glaring sun. But even experienced AC owners see trouble from time to time, and it’s important to know what you’re dealing with when it comes time to schedule your AC repairs. With a few pointers from Comfort Aire, you’ll be prepared to address common AC problems and their causes, so it’s easy to get the help you need.

When Your AC Won’t Turn On

Picture this – there’s a sunny day in the forecast, complete with a 90-degree high and extreme humidity. But you’re not worried, because your home AC will kick on and keep you cool from the moment the sun peeks above the horizon. Here’s the plot twist: today, your AC never kicks on.

It’s a common problem, and it’s not always simple, but there are a few things to check before calling the pros. First, make sure that it’s not a tripped breaker. No luck? Next, check the fuse box to see if a fuse has blown.

If neither reveals the source of the problem, the issue may involve your thermostat’s wiring or something equally complex, so it’s worth your while to contact a professional.

When Your AC Is Cooling Too Slowly

Turning on is a great start, but if your air-conditioning system doesn’t cool your home quickly enough, you may remain uncomfortably warm for hours on end. Struggling with cooling speeds? There’s both good and bad news.

The good news is that the issue might simply lie in dirty air filters or condenser coils, which are easy to address on your own. Air filters can either be swapped or cleaned, based on whether they’re reusable, and condenser coils can be washed with water and a coil cleaner from a home improvement retailer. To identify these problems, take a look at the parts – the dirtiness will be evident.

The bad news is that slow cooling could also be caused by a range of other issues that are on the tougher side to fix. These can include refrigerant leaks, leaky ductwork, poor attic insulation and even an undersized HVAC system.

If you suspect that you’re dealing with something more complex than a simple dirty filter, it’s best to consult an expert air-conditioning repair service provider to ensure an accurate diagnosis and reliable repairs.

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