Nothing makes a home comfortable quite like the addition of a beloved pet. But, whether you’re a cat fanatic or a rodent enthusiast, there’s a good chance that your pet will affect your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) and its HVAC system. Fortunately, with the appropriate measures, you should have no trouble keeping your HVAC system in peak condition – even with animals in the house.

How Do Pets Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Most pets will affect your home’s indoor air quality in a similar manner. Dogs, cats and rodents produce skin flakes, known as dander, that travel through your home’s air and can easily be inhaled. Dander is what usually triggers pet-related allergic reactions, so the inhalation of these flakes may lead to a variety of symptoms, from coughing to watery eyes. Dried saliva that flakes off the coat of an animal – which can occur with rats or cats – may trigger similar effects, too.

When it comes to your HVAC system, the primary issue lies in that these airborne contaminants won’t just find their way into your body – they’ll also build up on your system’s air filter. As these flakes build up on your filter, your system will be forced to work harder. This can ultimately lead to poor IAQ and increased energy bills.

How Pet Owners Can Avoid HVAC and IAQ Troubles

Keeping air quality and HVAC issues to a minimum is fairly simple – even with several pets in the house. To begin, bathe your pets on a regular basis, and brush animals outdoors, if possible.

Then, make certain that your HVAC system is outfitted with high-quality air filters designed to capture pet-related contaminants. Basic filters may not make the cut, so it’s a good idea to request an inspection from your local HVAC experts to determine whether you need an upgrade. Regardless, make sure you’re changing your filters and cleaning your HVAC system’s ductwork on a regular basis.

One final option is to employ an air purifier. These appliances operate by removing contaminants from the air, and they’re a popular option for households with family members prone to allergic reactions.

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