Is keeping your house warm during Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, winters costing you high sums of money on your home’s heating bill? Learn why insulating your attic not only helps keep heat inside your home, but also saves you money on home heating costs during the winter.

Why You Need Attic Insulation

Whether you use a furnace or a heat pump to keep your house warm during the winter, proper attic insulation ensures your home’s heat stays inside your home. Since heat rises, most of the heat lost from a poorly insulated house escapes through the roof. You may find you’re continually running your heating system to make up for the heat loss, which can increase your home’s heating costs.

How Attic Insulation Saves You Money

When your attic is properly insulated, your heating system won’t have to work as hard to heat your home. Besides saving you money on operating costs, did you know proper attic insulation can also prevent costly property damage?

A poorly insulated attic allows the heat from your house to rise through your roof causing the snow on top to melt. This melting snow flows down your roof and refreezes when it reaches the edge, creating ice dams along the roof edges.

Ice dams are heavy and can tear shingles or damage rain gutters mdash; two expensive types of property damage. Left unattended, a damaged roof can even allow melting water to enter your house.

How to Ensure Proper Attic Insulation

Your attic floor is the most efficient place for insulation. With proper insulation here, plus a well-ventilated attic space, you can make sure heat stays inside your house.

Attic floor insulation should tightly fill the spaces between joists and should also cover the tops of the joists. Avoid walking on joist insulation. When you compress it, the material can lose some of its insulating properties.

Proper attic insulation and a quality heating system can work together to lower your heating costs during the winter. Call our Custom Aire service professionals at (215) 638-1800 to learn more about the winter heating services we offer in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas of Bucks and Montgomery counties.