Just like any industry, HVAC has seen its fair share of technological evolution. One recent innovation that’s been making waves around the world is the ductless ventilation system. While the standard HVAC system employs ducts to transport warm or cool air around the house, ductless systems use room-specific units to maximize energy efficiency and improve overall home comfort.

Despite its many advantages, however, going ductless can still seem like a complex process. Because of this, Custom Aire has created this guide to help make things simpler.

  1. 1. Start by finding a reliable HVAC service provider.

The conversion from a traditional HVAC setup to a ductless system will naturally be much easier if you select an HVAC service provider who’s well-versed in the world of ductless technology. Certain HVAC installation and repair companies may only specialize in systems using ductwork, so be sure to discuss the company’s experience with past ductless work before going ahead with your project.

  1. 2. Determine your needs and explore the benefits.

There are several situations in which a ductless heating and cooling system would be an advantage. Seeking to add a reliable heating and cooling system to a recently renovated room without dealing with ducts? A single-unit ductless system could be the right move. On the other hand, if you need a way to minimize your home’s energy bills in the long run, you may want to consider implementing a ductless system throughout a larger portion of the house. This is also a smart move if you’d like to minimize the air quality risks that sometimes accompany ductwork.

  1. 3. Set up an installation.

One of the major perks of going ductless is that the installation process is short and simple. Many HVAC experts, including Custom Aire, can complete a full installation of a mini split ductless system in just a few hours. Reputable HVAC service providers will also educate you on the ins and outs of ductless system maintenance, which shouldn’t involve much more than monthly filter changes and routine checkups from an expert technician.

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