Fall allergens in the Doylestown, Pennsylvania, area come from weed pollens like ragweed, while tree pollen is the biggest problem in spring. You could also be allergic to mold or pest droppings. Dust and allergens collect in your furnace ducts over the summer and spread when you start using your furnace in the fall. You can fight fall allergies by cleaning, using a humidifier, and taking care of your furnace.


You should clean your return vents and air registers with a damp cloth in the fall before turning on your furnace. To clean kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans, turn off the power, take the covers off, and wash them with soapy water. Dust and vacuum regularly, and wash any blankets or sweaters that were stored during summer.

Using a Humidifier

Your furnace can make the air inside your home too dry, irritating your sinuses and making allergies worse. Dry air also causes annoying static electricity and dry skin. You can use a humidifier in fall and winter to prevent these problems. Humidifiers use water vapor to add moisture to your indoor air. You can use a portable model for one or two rooms at a time, or have a whole-home humidifier installed.

Taking Care of Your Heating System

To keep your indoor air quality high, replace your furnace’s air filters at least every three months or when they get dirty. A dirty filter can’t remove allergens from your home. You should also have your system inspected by a professional before you start using it in the fall. That way, you can repair any problems that could make your allergies worse, like leaks in ductwork. You can also save energy and help your heating system last longer by making sure it’s in good condition.

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