The HVAC industry has seen a wide range of essential innovations designed to make equipment more efficient and effective than ever before. One of the most notable examples of this progress is the variable-speed blower. The blower, also referred to as a fan, is a crucial part of your HVAC system’s motor, as it determines just how much heat and moisture can be eliminated from the air. Below, we’ll outline how these motors work – as well as how they can help you reduce household energy costs.

How Do Variable-Speed Fans Work?

Variable-speed fans are the answer to the inefficiencies created when on and off are the only modes of an HVAC system’s operation. These innovative fans allow you to set your blower’s speed based on your preferences. For example, when using air conditioning, higher fan speeds let you remove more heat, but less moisture, from the air, whereas slower speeds enable greater moisture removal at the cost of decreased heat removal. Lower fan speeds also naturally come with the benefit of reduced energy demands.

How Do Variable-Speed Fan Motors Save Energy?

The energy-saving concept behind variable-speed fan motors is fairly simple. Many HVAC systems outfitted with variable-speed motors are designed to keep your quarters comfortable when running at lower speeds for prime efficiency. When the weather gets exceptionally hot or cold – which isn’t unlikely thanks to Pennsylvania’s sweltering summers and chilly winters – the system’s speed can be increased accordingly. For many, this happens automatically, though other systems require manual mode adjustment. The process is worlds away from older HVAC systems, where the fan was either operating at full speed or not at all.

Because they’re usually running at a low speed, variable-speed HVAC systems tend to have fairly manageable energy demands. Additionally, their sheer flexibility makes it simple to maintain a temperature that the whole family is sure to appreciate.

Enjoy the Benefits of Energy-Efficient Fans

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