Generally speaking, a commercial air conditioner should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years with routine maintenance. However, if your system is younger than that and starts malfunctioning, there are several factors to consider as to why you’re experiencing issues. With over 50 years of experience, Custom Aire has been assisting businesses in and around Philadelphia with commercial air conditioning repairs and maintenance. For more information on our services, contact us today.

Five Signs of a Malfunction

Commercial air conditioning systems are known for their durable design and ability to reduce operating costs by cooling large areas efficiently. That’s why it can be a shock when they begin to break down before their time, which can be blamed on a variety of factors and circumstances. Here are the top five signs that you are in need of a commercial air conditioning repair:

  1. Uneven cooling is an early indicator of issues with any air conditioning unit and can be caused by a refrigerant malfunction or short in the air handler system. If one room is hot and the next room over is cold, it’s time to schedule service.
  2. Running continuously is a sign there’s a problem, which could be due to an undersized unit or issues with the controls. This malfunction will usually present early in the life of your unit and is typically the result of improper installation.
  3. Weak or no output of cool air from your vents is a serious issue that typically results from a frozen evaporator coil, low refrigerant level and other issues. Neglected routine maintenance is often the culprit.
  4. Higher energy bills indicate that your commercial air conditioner is running inefficiently, which is typically due to age or failing parts.
  5. Foul odors from the ductwork are cause to immediately evacuate the building and call one of our commercial air conditioning technicians, as you could be breathing in noxious and dangerous gases. While this can happen at any time without warning, it is a common issue after harsh weather conditions that may have caused leaks and internal damage.

Schedule Your Commercial Air Conditioner Repair

Regardless of your system’s age, the longer you wait to repair any of these issues, the worse your air conditioner will get and the less productive your employees will be. Our NATE-certified technicians at Custom Aire provide 24/7 service for cooling emergencies and will work with you to ensure your commercial air conditioner repair goes smoothly. We also supply the industry’s top brands should you choose to replace your system entirely. To learn more about our repair, maintenance and installation services, give Custom Aire a call today at 215-638-1800.