Your Newtown, Pennsylvania, home’s air quality affects your family’s health. Cold, dry winter air in your home can aggravate allergy symptoms and cause nosebleeds, dry skin, and chapped lips. Discover five ways to improve your home’s indoor air quality in the winter.

Open a Window Briefly

While opening a window when the temperature drops might sound unusual, getting fresh air into your home is important, especially during the winter months. An open window also lets out allergens that can circulate in your home during the winter.

Use a Humidifier

Cold air is dry, and when moisture levels in your home drop, your nasal passages can dry out. This dryness can aggravate allergies, cause nosebleeds, and lead to uncomfortable dry skin. Using a humidifier in your home restores your indoor air’s humidity to a comfortable level.

Grow Indoor Plants

Keeping indoor plants is a good idea. Plants not only add oxygen to your indoor air, but they also add humidity. You don’t need to turn your home into a greenhouse to experience these benefits — one or two plants can improve your indoor air quality.

Change Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace circulates air to heat your home, but a clogged filter reduces your furnace’s efficiency and can recirculate allergens around your home. Be sure to change your furnace filters at least once a month to keep the air filters —and the air in your home — clean.

Clean Your Home Often

You close up and insulate your home during the winter, trapping dust and other airborne particles inside. If you have a pet who stays indoors during the winter, you’ll also have more pet dander in your home. By cleaning your home’s rooms often, you can reduce the allergens in your indoor air so everyone in your family can breathe easier.

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