Using an Infinity Thermostat in your Richboro, Pennsylvania, home can help you program your furnace to save on heating costs. An Infinity thermostat’s advanced features, such as Wi-Fi, local forecast displays, and energy tracking, can help you manage your home heating usage.

Wi-Fi Capability

Whether you’re running late, coming home early, or extending your vacation, you can adjust your Infinity thermostat when you’re away. The Infinity’s Wi-Fi capability allows you to remotely access your home’s heating system so you can make sure your home’s temperature is set for greatest comfort and energy savings.

Five-Day Local Forecasts

Taking a look at the local forecast from your thermostat allows you to set the temperature inside your home based on the temperature outside. Your Infinity thermostat can display the forecast high and low daily temperatures for the next four days. While you’re away, you can set the temperature in line with the predicted daily temperature for maximum efficiency of your heating system.


You usually tell your Infinity thermostat what to do, but you can also program it to tell you what to do. Set up timed reminders for important tasks — such as changing furnace filters monthly or arranging furnace maintenance annually — and your Infinity thermostat will email your reminder.


The Touch-N-Go feature of the Infinity thermostat allows you to adjust temperature settings quickly and easily. Use the Touch-N-Go feature on the main screen to adjust the heat in your home on days when you’re in and out of the house without interfering with any of your pre-programmed temperature settings.

Energy Tracking

Use the energy tracking feature of your Infinity thermostat to review your daily, monthly, or annual energy use. Find out when you use the most energy and target your energy-saving strategies.

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