1. 1. Be sure your commercial property is well insulated.

Whether it’s winter or summer, your property will struggle to maintain a consistent temperature without proper insulation. Poor insulation allows air to escape through tiny openings, many too small to see, causing your HVAC system to work overtime and run up your bills.

  1. 2. Choose a programmable thermostat.

It’s hard to find a temperature that keeps everyone happy. Fortunately, with a programmable thermostat you can choose a heating and cooling schedule that maximizes comfort and minimizes cost. These devices allow you to set different temperatures for different days of the week and times of day, so you can keep the office cooler on weekends and warmer when workers arrive. Choose a model with locking controls to avoid unauthorized adjustments and prevent added costs due to constant fluctuations.

  1. 3. Schedule regular maintenance.

The most efficient commercial HVAC system is one that receives regular maintenance. Cleaning heating and cooling units, changing filters, lubrication and other maintenance services can help keep wear-and-tear at bay, allowing your system to work more efficiently. In many cases, choosing a service agreement with a reputable heating and cooling company can be a great way to get your HVAC system the regular maintenance it needs to deliver optimal performance year after year.

  1. 4. Replace outdated equipment.

HVAC systems have come a long way in recent history, and this includes models that are more energy efficient than ever. If you’ve made other improvements and still aren’t seeing reduced energy costs, it’s time to consult with a commercial heating and cooling installation specialist to determine where an investment in HVAC upgrades could yield lower energy costs over time.

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