If your Ambler, Pennsylvania, home relies on an outdated furnace, you’ve undoubtedly encountered inconsistent temperatures and inefficient operation. Find out how your home can leave heating frustration behind by upgrading to a furnace with Greenspeed Intelligence.

Impressive Efficiency

As most older furnace systems age, they become increasingly inefficient. In contrast, an Infinity 98 furnace with Greenspeed Intelligence is efficient right from the start. In fact, these models have 98.5 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), meaning that their ratio of heat output to energy consumption is incredibly high.

Increased Energy Savings

An efficient furnace means lower energy consumption for your heating system. A furnace with Greenspeed Intelligence constantly saves energy by continually operating at a low capacity and making small adjustments as necessary. These units have the potential to operate anywhere from 40 percent to 100 percent capacity, adjusting energy consumption and heat output by single percentage points along the way. That means the furnace only provides your home with as much heat as necessary.

Consistent Temperatures

When an older furnace struggles to operate efficiently, you’re likely to experience rooms that are overly hot and others that feel freezing cold. One of the greatest benefits of Greenspeed Intelligence is its ability to keep indoor temperatures consistent. This furnace’s staged heating cycles decreases uncomfortable temperature swings, and the SmartEvap technology maintains a pleasant humidity level all year long.

Quiet Operation

Your existing furnace might not seem loud, but the wheezing sounds it makes as it starts up and the clanking noises it makes while running can really kill the mood or ruin a party. With Greenspeed Intelligence, however, you won’t have to give your furnace’s noise level a second thought. These furnaces are remarkably quiet, thanks to their nearly constant, low-level operation.

If you’re considering replacing an old, inefficient furnace, an Infinity system with Greenspeed Intelligence should be at the top of your list. To discuss the smartest options for your new heating system, call our experts at Custom Aire: (215) 638-1800.