You probably take the comfort and convenience of your water heater for granted, but this appliance can’t function forever without the right care. Proper attention is crucial if you want to keep it in prime condition. Here are some compelling reasons to keep an eye on the water heater in your Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, home.

Your Water Heater May Have Dangerous Settings

Setting your water heater correctly is trickier than you might think. It’s not a simple matter of comfort, but one of safety. Most sources recommend a temperature of 120 degrees. This is cool enough to prevent serious scalding and help you save energy, but hot enough to kill most bacteria. Avoid setting the temperature cooler, as this will allow bacteria to multiply and thrive in your water tank. If you set the temperature higher to inhibit bacterial growth, exercise extreme caution when you’re using hot water in the shower.

You Can Improve Energy Efficiency

A well-maintained water heater will operate more efficiently. If you neglect it, it may struggle with a layer of sediment on the bottom of the tank, or work harder than necessary to maintain hot water without the proper insulation. It should also be wrapped in insulation to prevent heat loss.

Checking for sediment is more involved. Drain a small amount of water from the heater into a bucket. If you see debris or cloudy sediment in the water, you should contact a professional for a full flush.

Some Oversights Cause Serious Damage

If your water heater isn’t properly maintained, it could have potentially dangerous problems. A faulty pressure relief valve can cause the tank to explode. Rust streaks around an electric water heater indicate a leak, which wastes both water and energy. Charred metal and soot on a gas heater are signs of combustion trouble.

Make sure your water heater is in good shape by scheduling a maintenance visit once a year. Contact Custom Aire at (215) 638-1800 to make your appointment now.