Air Humidifiers

Air humidifiers offer a variety of household benefits that make them a popular and worthwhile investment. If you’re interested in outfitting your Bensalem, Pennsylvania home with an air humidifier, contact the professionals at Custom Aire. We’ve been serving Southeastern PA for more than 50 years, and we’re confident that we can provide the perfect product to keep your home as comfortable as can be.

Air Humidifer

What Is an Air Humidifier?

The air humidifier’s purpose is simple: to help maintain a comfortable humidity level within a certain room – or your entire house, depending on which model you purchase. They’re especially useful in regions that fall victim to harsh, chilly winters like those that are all too familiar to residents of the Philadelphia area, because winter sees humidity levels dropping much lower than the EPA’s definition of what’s ideal. While some air humidifiers are smaller and intended only to humidify a single room, there are also larger options available for house-wide use.

Why Do You Need an Air Humidifier?

The advantages of installing an air humidifier go well beyond simply providing a more comfortable living space. Other commonly cited benefits of an air humidifier include:

  • Healthier air: The reason airborne bacteria and viruses are common in the winter is because it’s much easier to travel through the air when it’s not obstructed with moisture. Increasing the humidity level in your home is an easy way to cut down on the spread of sickness.
  • Soothed sinuses: For many, dry nasal passages go hand in hand with cold weather – but it doesn’t have to be that way. A humidifier can help prevent your sinuses from drying out, which can result in greater general comfort and easier sleep while helping your nose trap allergens and airborne pathogens.
  • Moisturized skin: Just like your sinuses, the skin also suffers from low humidity levels, often leaving you with frustrating, flaky dry patches. The solution? Install a humidifier.

Greater Philadelphia’s Humidifier Experts

Don’t let dry skin and uncomfortable air keep you from enjoying your winter. Reach out to Custom Aire today, and we’ll help you select a humidifier precisely suited for your Delaware Valley home.