Why AC System Design Matters

Close-Up Of AC UnitThe efficiency of your home’s or business’s air conditioning relies heavily on the entire system’s design. At Custom Aire, the first phase of our air-conditioning installation services consists of designing an efficient system, ensuring that your home consistently meets your cooling needs no matter the weather outside. To learn more, call Custom Aire today at 215-638-1800.

Engineering an Efficient AC System

Designing an air-conditioning system is a complex process – especially because every home and office building is different. To provide you with the efficient, cost-effective AC solution you need, the designers at Custom Aire take the following steps:

  • Conduct a site survey
  • Use Manual J HVAC load calculations to determine heating and cooling loads
  • Recommend the capacity of AC equipment needed
  • Identify unit positions

Then, Custom Aire will take the time to discuss all of your options, helping you select the right AC unit and system design for your residence or workplace.

Designing Air Duct Systems

Going beyond the AC unit, an efficient AC system needs a properly designed air-duct layout. Air ducts play the all-important role of getting the conditioned air from the AC unit to every room in your home. They also facilitate the movement of warm air back to the AC condenser to be cooled.

At Custom Aire, our NATE-certified technicians will carefully design an air-duct system – when not performing retrofit installations – that maximizes the AC unit’s efficiency. We’ll also devise a plan that helps improve air quality and reduce your energy bills. In the end, you’ll have a thoughtfully designed AC and air-duct system that properly facilitates airflow.

AC Installation from Custom Aire

For almost 50 years, Custom Aire has been serving homeowners and businesses throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas. As a family-owned heating and cooling contractor, we’re committed to providing high-quality comfort solutions to our local communities through unparalleled customer service and professional installation, repair and maintenance. Contact the team at Custom Aire today to schedule an appointment with a comfort specialist.