Air Conditioning & Heating Repair in Newtown, PA, 24 Hours a Day

While the residents of Newtown, Pennsylvania, have made it an absolutely beautiful city, and its natural resources are pleasant and attractive, it is not always the most comfortable place to be in mid-summer or the dead of winter. Air conditioner repair and heating system repair are essential to receiving the most enjoyment out of living in or visiting Newtown. When your climate-control system breaks down or stops functioning efficiently, you need a reliable, experienced HVAC technician on the scene as quickly as possible.

Air Conditioning Repair

With average summer highs in the mid-to-upper 80s and relative humidity in the range of 80 percent, Newtown can be extremely hot and muggy. Most businesses and homes in the area rely on air conditioners of all types to keep them comfortable throughout Newtown’s summers, and when a system goes down, expert air conditioning repair becomes an essential service.

Heating Repair

Even though summers are hot and humid, Newtown, PA, is actually known for its extremely harsh winters. The average low temperature in the winter is in the low 20s, and the average annual snowfall is 24.3 inches. Having an efficiently operating heating system is not just a luxury. It is a necessity, and during the winter, your very life may be at stake without local heating repair services. Whether your furnace or heater breaks down completely or is simply not performing as efficiently as it should be, an expert technician is required to diagnose the problem and repair it or install a completely new system.

Improve Indoor Air Quality in Newton, PA

Newton, PA, houses an abundance of various plant life, which adds to the natural beauty of the city, but it can create uncomfortable levels of pollen in the air. In fact, it is not unusual for pollen alerts to be issued several times in the spring and early summer. One way to solve this problem, however, is to improve your indoor air quality through duct cleaning services and the addition of air purifiers, humidifiers, germicidal UV lamps and fresh-air ventilators.

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