3 Furnace Features to Help You Save

//3 Furnace Features to Help You Save

3 Furnace Features to Help You Save

You can lower your utility bills and keep your Newtown, Pennsylvania, home warm with an efficient new furnace. A newer system will increase your home’s value, and many convenient features are available. With a two-stage heating system, an electric pilot light, and zoning, you can save money and keep your family more comfortable.

A Two-Stage Heating System

Most high-efficiency furnaces have a burner with a two-stage system. These systems can switch the burner or burner flame from a low stage of heating to a high stage of heating instead of just turning it on or off. They run at the lower stage for most of the day. This saves money and keeps the temperature inside your home more consistent. Single-stage furnaces shut off when the temperature matches the thermostat setting and won’t activate again until your home gets cooler and less comfortable.

Many furnaces with a two-stage system also have a variable speed blower. The fan works at two different settings, and the lower setting saves energy. It also makes less noise than the higher setting.

An Electric Pilot Light

Most newer furnaces have an electronic ignition system that starts the pilot light on demand. Older furnaces have a standing pilot light that burns fuel even when the furnace is dormant. An electric pilot light can lower your utility bills and the amounts of many pollutants in your home.


With a zoning system, you can set a different temperature for each zone or area of your home. Zoning saves energy because you don’t have to heat unoccupied areas. Since each zone has its own thermostat, you can make any area that’s too cool more comfortable. Most zoning systems are compatible with programmable thermostats, so you can control the temperatures of different zones through a central panel or a remote control.

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